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Allegheny Ludlum Corporation Chooses Pittsburgh Logistics Systems and eflatbed.com for Logistics Management

Pittsburgh, PA, February 20, 2001 - Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, Inc. (PLS) and eflatbed.com announced today that they have begun to jointly provide logistics management services to Allegheny Ludlum Corporation - a Pittsburgh-based leader in the technology, production, and marketing of specialty materials including stainless steels, silicon electrical steels, tool steels, titanium, nickel alloys, as well as other advanced alloys.

Under the terms of the agreement, PLS and eflatbed.com will handle the logistics management for two Allegheny Ludlum facilities - a plate facility located in Washington, PA, and a warehouse in New Kensington, PA. PLS will coordinate load pick-up and delivery arrangements, as well as carrier management, while loads will be executed through eflatbed.com’s online transportation management system, which electronically links ready-to-move flatbed shipments with available carrier capacity. The system brings Allegheny Ludlum together with eflatbed.com’s carrier base to help streamline the transportation process.

“Allegheny Ludlum is enthusiastic about our new partnership with PLS,” says Raymond Polinski, Allegheny Ludlum General Manager of Production Control. “Transporting our plate mill product is a challenging logistical issue. We are confident that PLS and the power of the eflatbed.com system will improve service to our plate customers in a manner that is cost effective.”

Gregg A. Troian, CEO of Quadrivius, Inc., the parent company of PLS and eflatbed.com, adds, “We are pleased to provide services to such a highly respected company as Allegheny Ludlum. We are confident that the strengths of our services, combined with our leading-edge technology and industry experience, will enhance Allegheny Ludlum’s logistics operations.”

The Pennsylvania facilities are two of Allegheny Ludlum’s 14 facilities located throughout the United States and China. “Based right here in Pittsburgh,” says Troian, “Allegheny Ludlum is one of the world’s leading specialty materials companies - one that understands the important role logistics plays in the success of their business.”

About Pittsburgh Logistics Systems and eflatbed.com
Located in Rochester, PA, Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, Inc. (www.pghlogistics.com) is the leading third-party logistics management provider to the metals industry. PLS serves a wide array of metals companies, including suppliers, producers, service centers, and end-users. The company has been recognized for the fourth consecutive year by the Pittsburgh Technology Council as a member of its Pittsburgh Technology Heavy Hitter 50.

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, eflatbed.com (www.eflatbed.com) is an online logistics management company focused exclusively on the flatbed transportation industry. eflatbed.com provides flatbed carriers and shippers with professional services, web-enabled tools, and informational resources to manage the entire transportation process. eflatbed.com leverages over a decade of experience to deliver customized logistics solutions that result in process efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased control. eflatbed.com currently has strategic partnerships with several online marketplaces in the metals, lumber, and building materials industries.

PLS and eflatbed.com are a part of Quadrivius, Inc. (www.quadrivius.com), headquartered in Rochester, PA. Quadrivius was formed as a holding company to drive the development of the logistics businesses of PLS, eflatbed.com, PLS International LP (www.plsiglobal.com), and InnerLink Strategic Solutions (www.innerlink.com). The company’s vision is to be a global provider of Total Transportation Management (TTM) services with a focus on industries that utilize motor carriers as a strategic component of their logistics system.

About Allegheny Ludlum Corporation
Allegheny Ludlum (www.alleghenyludlum.com) is a world leader in the production and marketing of sheet, plate and strip specialty materials including stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium and titanium-based alloys. The company also produces grain-oriented silicon electrical steel products and tool steel plate.

Contact: Sarah Tuthill, eflatbed.com, 412-928-2620, or stuthill@quadrivius.com.

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