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eflatbed.com Relocates to Rochester, PA

Move to Beaver County Unifies Transportation
Companies of Quadrivius, Inc.

Rochester, PA, May 29, 2001 - eflatbed.com, an online logistics management company, announced today it will relocate its offices from Green Tree to Rochester, PA, in Beaver County. eflatbed.com will be housed in the corporate headquarters building of Quadrivius, Inc., its parent company, at the Quad Center (the former Century National Bank building) in downtown Rochester.

The move is scheduled to take place by July, and will affect approximately 25 eflatbed.com employees, most of whom are technology staff. With the addition of the eflatbed.com employees in Rochester, the transportation companies of Quadrivius will employ nearly 100 people in Beaver County. Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, Inc. and PLS International LP, which have an operations center in Monaca, are also part of the Quadrivius group of companies.

“By relocating eflatbed.com’s offices to Beaver County, we are able to centralize the transportation companies of Quadrivius while bringing technology-related jobs to the region. This move reinforces our commitment to the growth and development of Beaver County,” said Gregg A. Troian, President and CEO of Quadrivius.

eflatbed.com’s address and contact information in Beaver County is as follows:

The Quad Center
Rochester, PA 15074
Phone: 724-709-9000
Fax: 724-770-2612

About eflatbed.com

eflatbed.com (www.eflatbed.com) is an online logistics management company focused exclusively on the flatbed transportation industry. eflatbed.com provides flatbed carriers and shippers with professional services, web-enabled tools, and informational resources to manage the entire transportation process. Part of the Quadrivius, Inc. group of companies, eflatbed.com leverages over a decade of experience to deliver customized logistics solutions that result in process efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased control.

Quadrivius, Inc. (www.quadrivius.com), with headquarters in Rochester, PA, provides global logistics solutions and consulting services through its four operating companies-Pittsburgh Logistics Systems, Inc., PLS International LP, eflatbed.com, and InnerLink Strategic Solutions Inc.

Contact: Elicia Troese, eflatbed.com, 412-473-3120, or etroese@quadrivius.com.

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